Hello Im Chris and I currently own and operate Desert Air Cinema out of my home here in Tucson, Arizona. My adventure began back in 2015 when I had the ideal to provide an outdoor movie service – I did a lot of research on this and realized that there is a big gap where virtually no one was doing this particular niche in our area, there are a few out there but there prices are unreasonable and they are far away making prices even higher, so I bought the equipment and started this little business.

About Desert Air Cinema

We have a passion for outdoor movies “It’s what we do best”

Born and raised in Tucson, Arizona, Im a veteran who served in the US Army as a paratrooper for the 82nd Airborne Division, Once i left the Army I meet my beautiful wife and had 5 wonderful children who are now grown and also serving our country with the Navy & Air Force. I was a truck driver for over 18 years and I am now a tour operator for a company who specialize in surgical robotics.

I have a passion for anything related to movies and movie memborla, when i was a kid I remember going to the drive-in movies at De Anza Drive-In with my parents and one special memory is with my mother during a thunderstorm, I think we watched the lightning show more than the movie that was an absolute blast that I will never forget.. Thanks Mom.

Im an entrepreneur at heart, I like working for myself and being independent thus this website is compilation of my passion and hopefully will inspire you to have the same feeling I did as when I was kid being with my mother going to the drive-in theatre. Im hoping our cinema package will bring back that nostalgic feeling with your children.

With well over 600 outdoor movie events that we have done, we have become quite proficient at catering to any outdoor event that we are called upon to provide.

From My Family To Yours.